Thomas Cole’s Creative Process


Eleanor Jones Harvey, with an excerpt from her book “The Painted Sketch,” vividly describes the origin of plein-air (outdoor) painting in America, starting with Thomas Cole. Beautifully illustrated with Thomas Cole’s paintings, ranging from the most celebrated of his masterpieces to rarely seen nature studies completed in front of the rocks and trees themselves, this book served as the catalogue for the 2008 exhibition at the Thomas Cole Historic Site. Also included are images of Thomas Cole’s original art-making tools and equipment such as his easels and palettes, and an introduction to the Hudson River School itself, written by the Director of the Thomas Cole Historic Site, Elizabeth Jacks.


by Eleanor Jones Harvey, Dallas Museum of Art (Contributor) and Elizabeth B. Jacks, Director of The Thomas Cole Historic Site (Introduction).

softcover, 31 pages, 29 full-color illustrations, published in 2008


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