Thomas Cole (1801–1848)
Untitled (Landscape, Italian Ruins), n.d.
Oil on board, 5¾ × 8 in.
Thomas Cole National Historic Site, Gift of Florence H. Cole Vincent and Greene County Historical Society, TC.64.11.17

This small oil sketch depicts the Italian countryside. Cole embarked on two European trips after immigrating to the United States from England as a young man, once from 1829 to 1831 and again in 1841. While visiting Italy on this second journey to Europe, Cole wrote in his journal: “My mind was expressed with a feeling of the sublime stronger than I ever felt before.” Cole often painted scenes of Italy, and was fascinated with ruins, which to Cole held historical significance and illustrated the passage of time and cycles of life.

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Brooke KrancerUntitled (Landscape, Italian Ruins)