The Thomas Cole National Historic Site in Catskill, NY marks the birthplace of American art, where the Hudson River School of landscape painting began. The nationally recognized historic site is an affiliate of the National Park Service and operates as a forward thinking non-profit organization embracing change and continually pursuing excellence. At its core, the organization’s purpose is to regenerate Cole’s revolutionary creativity so that it touches people’s lives today.



Elizabeth B. Jacks, Executive Director

Jennifer Greim, Communications and Advancement Manager

Jeff Jones, Facilities Manager

Kate Menconeri, Curator

Peter and Tone Noci, Caretakers

Heather Paroubek, Education Manager

Max Seiler, Administrative Assistant

Rachel Stults, Visitor Center Manager


Carly Benedict

Olivia Lichens

Alice Tunison

Nancy Winch


Madeline Conley

Rowanne Dean

Adam Grimes

Michael Quitisaca

Board of Trustees

Lisa Fox Martin, Chairman

Stephen Dunn, Vice-Chairman

Frances Spark, Treasurer

Marianne Lockwood, Secretary

Loie Acevedo

Asli Ay

Carrie Feder

MaryEllen Gallagher

Linda Gentalen

Michel Goldberg

Elizabeth B. Jacks

Nina Matis

Anne J. Miller

Stephen Shadley

Warner Shook

Hudson Talbott

Maynard Toll

New Studio, © Peter Aaron, OTTO, 2015

National Council

Kevin J. Avery, Senior Research Scholar, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Annette Blaugrund, Art Historian & Curator

Gerald Carr, Independent Scholar

Linda S. Ferber, Senior Art Historian & Museum Director Emerita, New-York Historical Society

Ella M. Foshay, Independent Scholar

Eleanor Jones Harvey, Senior Curator (Painting & Sculpture), Smithsonian American Art Museum

Ashton Hawkins, former Exec. Vice President, The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Patricia Junker, Ann M. Barwick Curator of American Art, Seattle Art Museum

Elizabeth Kornhauser, Alice Pratt Brown Curator of American Paintings and Sculpture, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Katherine Manthorne, Professor of Modern Art of the Americas, City University of New York

Barbara Novak, Helen Goodhart Altschul Professor of Art History Emerita, Columbia University

Paul D. Schweizer, Director Emeritus, Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute

Nancy Siegel, Professor of Art History, Towson University

John R. Stilgoe, Robert & Lois Orchard Professor in the History of Landscape Development, Harvard University

Alan Wallach, Ralph H. Wark Professor of Art and Art History, The College of William & Mary


The Thomas Cole National Historic Site publishes an annual newsletter available on our website with original articles from leading scholars and collaborators. Learn about where we’ve been and where we’re going by clicking the issues below.

Annual Reports

Filled with information information on our exhibitions, education, outreach and development and a letter from the Executive Director, Elizabeth B. Jacks, the Annual Report provides an exciting overview of the National Historic Site each year.

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