Audio Guide – “Native Prospects: Indigeneity and Landscape”

Brandon Lazore (Onondaga, Snipe Clan)


Brandon Lazore (Onondaga, Snipe Clan), Sky Dome Pattern, 2024, digital rendering. Courtesy the artist

Artist Biography:

BRANDON LAZORE (Onondaga, Snipe Clan) cultivated his artistic talents during the 1990s by collaborating with graffiti artists in various East Coast cities. His journey led him to further develop his skills at Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY, where he graduated magna cum laude. Brandon’s deep-rooted commitment to his Haudenosaunee culture shines through in every brushstroke of his artwork, defining his current style, which he affectionately refers to as “Traditional Graffiti.” He seamlessly blends traditional Haudenosaunee cultural elements with his technical graffiti background in this unique approach. His artistic mission is to not only educate others about Haudenosaunee culture but to reflect this culture back to his fellow Haudenosaunee people in an inspired, beautiful, and powerful way.

Amanda MalmstromHear from the Artist: Brandon Lazore