Nancy Siegel on Susie Barstow & Her Circle

NANCY SIEGEL is Professor of Art History and Culinary History at Towson University and specializes in American landscape studies, print culture, and culinary history of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She is the co-curator of the exhibition Women Reframe American Landscape: Susie Barstow & Her Circle / Contemporary Practices, which her most recent book Susie M. Barstow: Redefining the Hudson River School complements. This work builds upon her 2010 exhibition with Jennifer Krieger, Remember the Ladies: Women of the Hudson River School. She is developing a 2025 exhibition, Curious Taste: The Appeal of British Satire and completing the manuscript, Political Appetites: Revolution, Taste, and Culinary Activism in the Early Republic. She provides historical cooking demonstrations and lectures widely on landscape and culinary histories in addition to serving as a culinary consultant for museums and non-profit institutions. Dr. Siegel has authored / edited publications such as The Cultured Canvas: New Perspectives on American Landscape Painting; River Views of the Hudson River School; Within the Landscape: Essays on Nineteenth-Century American Art and Culture, among others. Her work has also appeared in Gastronomica, The Burlington Magazine, and Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide. She has been the recipient of numerous research grants and fellowships including: the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library; Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture – Georgian Papers Programme Fellowship at Windsor Castle, Windsor, UK; the Smithsonian American Art Museum; the American Antiquarian Society; Yale University; and Winterthur Museum & Library.

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