A Virtual Summer Party Pic-Nic

Sunday, August 30, 2020

5 PM

We derive strength from pulling together and joy from being together, and that is what the Thomas Cole Summer Party has always been about, hosted by Lisa Fox Martin for ten years running!

This year, we invite you to reconnect to this resilient, creative and passionate community by enjoying a special picnic, custom designed by Geoff Howell Studio, and sent to your home. While enjoying your picnic from the safety of your own home, we will come together for a live virtual private event with a special guest speaker and a fireworks display.

Executive Director Betsy Jacks and Chairman Lisa Fox Martin

Pic-Nic Box for sponsors at the Sunny, Jolly, Merry and Celebration Levels, Illustration by Geoff Howell

You are Invited

Enjoy a beautiful package inspired by Thomas Cole’s painting “A Pic-Nic Party,” including custom-designed picnic blanket, napkins, tumblers, and other items, depending on the level of sponsorship you choose.

The invitation was sent on Friday, July 10

Guest Speaker

Tim Barringer, Paul Mellon Professor in the History of Art at Yale University, one of the most engaging, ebullient and sought-after speakers in the country, will converse on “A Pic-Nic Party” and its little-known link to J.M.W. Turner and answer guest questions.

Virtual Fireworks

We’ll end the evening together with an artistically choreographed display of virtual fireworks.

Celebration Pic-Nic Sponsorship

Lisa Fox Martin

David Forer

James LaForce & Stephen Henderson

Christoper Lipscomb

Nina Matis & Alan Gosule

Anne Miller & Stuart Breslow

Evelyn D. Trebilcock & Douglas Hammond


Merry Pic-Nic Sponsorship 

Susan Ball & John Brigham

David Bury & Marianne Lockwood

Stephen & Jacqueline Dunn

Carrie Feder

Kristin Gamble

Linda & Tom Gentalen

Diane Kamp & Mike Clayton

Beth & Ricky Mason

Betsy & Al Scott

Stephen Shadley

Warner Shook & Frank Swim

Sara & Tom de Swardt

Hudson Talbott & Jay Lesenger


Jolly Pic-Nic Sponsorship

Jimmy & Micaela Bulich

Alison Lankenau

Illiana van Meeteren & Terence Boylan

Gigi Noyes

Peter Spears & Brian Swardstrom


Sunny Pic-Nic Sponsorship

Ann Artschwager

Miranda Barry & Charlotte Sheedy

Charles & Barbara Bohl

Serra & Glenn Butash

Matt & Amy Davidson

Lorie Dixon & Jeff Greim

Kusum Gaind & Rupi Puri

MaryEllen Gallagher

Joan & David Grubin

Jean Hamilton & Richard McCarthy

Barbara Hancock & Eugene Zuckoff

Conrad & Brendan Hanson-Kelly

Jonas Havens & Jackie Massaro

Jim Joseph & Scott Frankel

Dr. Josh Lipsman & Jonathan Sorge

The Hon. Guido A. Loyola & Leonard A. Herman

Patti Matheney & Michael Schrom

Peter & Sarah May

Margaret & Johnny Moree

Peter O’Hara & John Garofalo

John Prince & William Stover

Nancey Rosensweig & Dan Arshack

Rick Sharp & Meredith Kane

Robin A. Stapley

Dena M. Steele

Susan E. Sullivan

Edwina Thorn

Kay & Maynard Toll

David Usborne & Juan Carretero

Todd Whitley & Gary Holder

Howard Zar & Ray Kurdziel

Karen Zukowski & David Diamond


Pic-Nic Party Supporter 

335 Main Street LLC

Adele Abide & Josh Pulver

Deb Alexander

Assemblymember Didi Barrett

Richard & Jean Bassin

Drs. Annette & Stanley Blaugrund

Graham C. Boettcher

Nadine & James Bouler

Duke Dang & Charles Rosen

Linda S. Ferber

Eileen Gallagher & Stephen Horniak

Guy Griggs & Greg Ventra

Stephen Hannock

Hollis Heimbouch

Elisabeth Kent

Joseph La Piana & Matthew Aidan Carey

Ricky Lark & Rickey Shaum

Deena Lebow & Rodney Greenblat

Jim Lewis & Dianne Young

Gayle Morgan

Cynthia Pansing

Jennifer Patton, EdD

Claire Pohl

Gregory Powell & Helen Ruisi

Patrick Terenchin

Liza Tivey

Ronald Wagner & Timothy Van Dam

Robert & Suzanne Werner

Nancy T. Whitney

Kate Wood & David Sprouls

Wenling Zhao & Guorui Shi

Michael Zwelling


Pic-Nic Party Friend 

Carolynn F. Anklam

Patricia Apotas

Pamela Bentien

William Coleman

Maddy Conley & Adam Grimes

Linda Cross

Linda Francy

Henry Freedman

Ginnie Gardiner

Elliott Green

Jan & Lester Greenberg

Carol Kohan

Norman Krasner

Mary Delaney Krugman

Sophie Lynford

Alex Mann

Kathie Manthorne & James Lancel McElhinney

Carol May & Timothy Watkins

Sarah Gray Miller

Audrey & Joe Morrell

Heather Paroubek & Jon Palmer

Elizabeth Petty

Michele Pulver

Michele Saunders

Rachel Stults & Andrew von Urtz

Veronica Thompson

David & Margherita Vandermark

Shannon Vittoria

Alan Wallach

Susan Wides & Jim Holl

Jacquelyn Woods


Pic-Nic Package Design by Geoff Howell Studio

We are proud to support local businesses for this event, including Hudson Wine Merchants in Hudson, Potters Table in Round Top, Talbott & Arding in Hudson, Beth’s Farm Kitchen in Stuyvesant, Mansion + Reed in Coxsackie, and Upstate Ink in Catskill.

Thomas Cole, A Pic-Nic Party (Detail), 1846. Oil on canvas, 47 7/8 x 54 in. Brooklyn Museum, New York, Healy Purchase Fund B (67.205.2).

Photo of Betsy and Lisa by Rob Shannon / Photos by Adam T. Deen

Olivia Lichens2020 Summer Pic-Nic