It takes a whole community to create something great

“The lights and shadows of this life are like the lights and shadows in your own pictures.

The one makes the other more beautiful.”

—A letter from Sarah Cole to her brother Thomas Cole, 1836

This anniversary year, we invite you to create new initiatives with us at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site.

Thank you for making everything that this organization achieves possible.


The Thomas Cole Board of Trustees

Lisa Fox Martin, Marianne Lockwood, Warner Shook, Sara de Swardt, Susan Ball, Elizabeth B. Jacks, Jimmy Bulich, Carrie Feder, Linda Gentalen, Guy Griggs, Nina Matis, Anne J. Miller, Stephen Shadley, Kenneth E. Silver, Hudson Talbott, Evelyn Trebilcock, Susan G. A. Warner

Exhibition Sponsor


Ten of these gifts will cover shipping and insurance for paintings in our 2022 exhibition, Thomas Cole’s Studio: Memory and Inspiration, curated by Franklin Kelly from the National Gallery.

Includes a credit listing on inspiration

Cole Fellows Sponsor


Each gift supports research by the 2022 class of Cole Fellows to bring forward the voices of the diverse group of individuals that lived and labored alongside Thomas Cole.

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Environmental Sponsor


Twelve of these gifts will underwrite sourcing local solar-powered electricity to operate the historic buildings for one year, including the power to maintain optimum conditions for exhibitions.

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Education Sponsor


Each of these donations will enable our staff to develop and lead five one-hour school programs for K-12 students and underwrite free admission.

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Contemporary Art Sponsor


Twenty of these gifts will cover installation of the 2022 contemporary art exhibition at the Thomas Cole Site entitled, Marc Swanson: A Memorial to Ice at the Dead Deer Disco, presented in partnership with MASS MoCA.

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Perennial Pollinator Sponsor


Each gift at this level will buy five new flowering perennials for the historic gardens in 2022.

Preservation Endowment

I would like to support the future of the historic buildings with a gift to the Preservation Endowment

Anniversary Cornerstone Sponsor

Apply my gift to wherever it is needed most.

Thank You

Thomas Cole, Hollyhocks, n.d., Founders Society Purchase, William H. Murphy Fund, Detroit Institute of Arts.
Hollyhocks are thought to symbolize the circle of life, ambition, fertility, and abundance.

Thomas Cole’s Main House © Peter Aaron/OTTO

Thomas Cole, Landscape with Clouds, c. 1846-1847, Oil on Canvas, Private Collection

Group photo, Adam T. Deen

Historic Campus, Devin Pickering

Marc Swanson studio, Kate Menconeri

Flower garden, Betsy Jacks 

View from the Porch, Albert J. Gnidica

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