Women, Land + Art

The 2023 year-long initiative across exhibitions, programs, publications, interpretation, and collections.

Special Exhibition

Women Reframe American Landscape

May 6-October 29, 2023

Women Reframe American Landscape is a two-part historic and contemporary exhibition illuminating the artistic contributions and perspectives of women.



Curators’ Talk & Artist Panel

Sun, Jul 30 at 1 pm in Foreland’s Bookhouse

Featuring Women Reframe American Landscape curators Nancy Siegel, Kate Menconeri, and Amanda Malmstrom with exhibiting artists Anna Plesset, Jean Shin, and Saya Woolfalk

Presented by the Thomas Cole National Historic Site in partnership at Foreland



New installations in the Main House on two women that lived and labored here: Maria Bartow Cole (1813-1884) and a Black woman identified in the 1840 census as free and part of the household alongside Maria and Thomas Cole.

Learn more about Maria Bartow Cole Learn more about the Free, Black Woman


Unveiling a new installation of artwork by Sarah Cole (1805-1857) in the collection of the Thomas Cole National Historic Site.

Image: Thomas Cole, Sketch of Sarah Cole (detail), c. 1840. Albany Institute of History & Art.


Publishing the transcribed journal of Maria Bartow Cole (1813-1884) for the first time and publishing the exhibition book, Women Reframe American Landscape, in partnership with Hirmer Publishers, Munich. Two additional international books on artists in the exhibition, Susie Barstow and Fidelia Bridges, were published by Lund Humphries in London this spring.

Journal Coming Soon

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Image: Thomas Cole, Sketch of Maria Cole, c. 1838. Albany Institute of History & Art
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